At Spotted Cow Cookies, we've found the perfect way to soothe your soul and smile away your cares. CoCo the cow, our resident cookie connoisseur, simply packs every little crumb with so much delicious naughtiness they're sure to moove even the moodiest muncher to satisfied delirium.

Each morning CoCo rounds up the creamiest milk and cream possible to pour into every Spotted Cow Cookie. Then her enthusiastic team add even more love and yumminess to ensure all cookie lovers muster round whenever a Spotted Cow Cookie appears.

So yum on through this site to find all you need to know about Spotted Cow Cookies, where to find them and how to keep in touch with Coco. And remember, every time you bite into a Spotted Cow Cookie, you'll feel like your living in a dream … or is that cookies and cream?